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Quality. Profit. Assortment

You can buy more than 2,000 types of meat, fish, vegetables and other foods from domestic and international producers. All our products is environmental friendly, it is proven by compliance certificates.

In meat and fish pavilions you will find largest assortment of best quality food.

In flowers pavilion we offer seeds and cut flowers.

In fruits & vegetables only best domestic farms grown products are sold. Fresh exotic fruits are quickly delivered from Africa, Latin America and South eastern Asia.

Production sold Product prices

Why Agromir?

Production price decrease

Logistics complex enables producers selling its production without mediators that allows significantly decreasing initial price of the production.

Production quality warranty

Only environmental friendly production with quality compliance certificates is sold in Agromir. You may test goods in special quality check labs.

Preservation of production useful properties

In order to preserve freshness useful properties and taste of foods the center is fitted with state of the art equipment; large capacity freezing warehouses are used. For products with short expire date and requiring specific storage conditions we may provide special trading facilities.

Huge turnover

Fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, fish and sea foods, flowers – huge assortment of goods is sold in 25 pavilion of total area above 30,000 sq. m. Our logistics plans make it easier to find what you need.

Service companies

Truck rent
On the territory of Agromir you may rent a cargo truck for delivery of bought foods.
Transaction support
In purchase centers you may draft all the documents and distribute bought foods to the place of its further supply.
Favorable location
Agromir is located on the outer side of the Moscow Ring Road, 29th km near largest transport corridors and hubs.
Everything is within reach of your hand
On the territory of Agromir you will find banks, drugstores, cafés and restaurants.

How to reach us?

Agromir address in Moscow

Outer side of the Moscow Ring Road, 29th km, Moscow

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